1994 – 1996
Acrylic on masonite
48″ x 54″

EL HAYYAT by jean pronovost

An incredibly magical and Lovecraft-inspired landscape that is alive with great elemental gods. This ethereal painting is symbolic of transformation: it overflows with entities that are in synthesis with one another, and the line between them is quite blurred. The main elements of the piece – water, the castle, mountains, and sky – are all in connection and spiritual harmony with one another. This piece is a mixture of incredible imagination and nature, brought to life with vivid colours and incredible textures.

The god of the air and sky is linked to the moon and stars – he gathers them and brings them closer. He has a misty, swirling vortex mouth with pointed teeth, which could be a passage to another world. We also see another planet or moon coming to join in the mix and light up the night. The god of the sky has a long cosmic tail that wraps around the castle, elevating it from the water. This majestic and ornate castle represents the earth, and it has fire deities on its walls. The grand staircase that leads down from its large door to the water transitions into an octopus-type creature. This old god’s long green tentacles form the transformation from the earth to the sparkling, blue water.

His massive body goes from the stairs to the base of the mountain on the right; he almost camouflages with the mountain becoming part of it. The rocks of the mountains are alive too, there have many depictions of deities on their stones, and one has an effervescent waterfall softly running upwards through it. The sun has set creating a bright red horizon, just beneath the god of the sky. This transition from day to night signals them to create rather than to sleep.

EL HAYYAT (1994 - 1996)


Sculptor, Muralist, painter, artist and airbrush specialist.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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