Acrylic on canvas
39″ x 25″

AD VIAM AESHMA DEVA I by jean pronovost

This mystical and dreamy innerscape painting depicts the arduous but empowering journey from darkness into light. With its emotionally charged use of shadow and highlight in a breathtaking scene of mountains, forest, and clouds, this piece gives us a profound sense of passage. This is a journey of moving through and overcoming fear and adversity, and finally ascending to discovery and freedom.

The start of the natural stone path in the left corner is in a valley of darkness. The landscape here feels cold, hard, and dead: the dense and pervasive dark shadows, charcoal colour, and jagged rocks convey a deep sense of melancholy and emotional turmoil. As the journey begins to move upward, there is a light mist that intermingles with the trees, and it immediately brings about a softer and lighter feeling to nature there. The sun is beginning to reach through into the gloom. The forest that occupies the middle ground of the painting and our path looks alive, and it is leading to some majestic mountains that diffuse the ethereal clouds. The one mountain on the right has a waterfall on its front face streaming down into the cloudy mist below it.

Beyond this monolithic beauty, more summits are barely visible, they are obscured by the light that has started to flood over and through the voluminous clouds. The magnificent sun has risen; it is the dawn of a new day. With this brilliant light and warmth comes inspiration and peace: the storm has passed, and the heart and mind are free. A passage such as this is a true and deep metamorphosis.

visual artist
AD VIAM AESHMA DEVA I (1997 - 2001)


Sculptor, Muralist, painter, artist and airbrush specialist.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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