Jean Pronovost’s art is not decorative. It is not abstract nor simply figurative. His art is visionary, allegorical. His creations are opened books leading us in an universe where the strange and mystical are kings. With the whip of a paintbrush, he carry us to the heart of an Inca legend or in the urban jungle. With a strike of a spatula, he reanimates a God faded from our memories or questions our humdrum. With striking realism, his paintings and sculptures unveil a world where yesterday signs can interact with our modern world.

Fascinated with history and mythology, but also inspired by the magic of symbolism, Jean Pronovost uses archetypes rooted in ancient civilisations. He breathes life in Gods and legends which constitutes the background of his creations. He skilfully blends anachronisms and ancient pictorial techniques, thus offering creations to contemplate but also to decrypts as so many details subtly illustrating his allegorical vision of the world. Delicate touch of colors and richness of shapes then overwhelm paintings and sculptures, giving depth to contemporary life scenes and ancient metaphors. Elegy of the essential and critic of all false values, the work of Jean Pronovost opens the door of an alternative universe.

In the world where we feel submerged by technological tools, where the conscience lose its way towards the quest of material gain, where the meaning of our life decays inside a society praising individualism and the power struggles, the artist questions our origins and offers his own personal vision of the world.

Jean Pronovost