Écomusée du fier monde

The Society for Art of Imagination's visual arts exhibition

We are very pleased to invite you to a grand international art exhibition. This event will take place at the Éco-Musée du Fier Monde, located at 2050 Amherst street in Montreal. The exhibition will be held from the 7th to the 17th of October with an opening night on the 7th from 5pm to 11 pm. World renowned artists such as H.R. Giger, Ernst Fuchs, Robert Venosa, Otto Rapp and Laurie Lipton will be showing their works of art, some for the first time ever in Québec!  It w ill also be the official launch of the Canadian branch of the Society for Art of Imagination. The opening will be a great opportunity to meet the artists, some traveling from New York and as far as British Columbia.

Brigid Marlin (UK) founded the Society in the 1960's as a means to unite artists from around the world whom works are inspired by the symbolists, the surrealists and the visionary. This community has now over 500 members and branches in the United States, Europe, Africa and now Canada. Each member works independently but their work s reflect a common ground as it is not purely realistic neither abstract.

 Our society encourages artists that show refined technical skills as well as an imagination that transcends the ordinary. Our vision is focused on a bright future that will propel young talents and make the works of the masters of the 20th century accessible to the public. The association has had exhibitions in London, New York, Vienna, Melbourne, Vezzano, Shanghai, Nairobi and many more cities.

This Montreal exhibition will also bring about a collaboration with Peru. With the efforts of Jean Pronovost, the Fine Art School of Cuzco will be showcasing the works of their best students with their chairman Mr. Carlos Aguilar. This initiative as been made possible by Jean Pronovost (president of the canadian branch),

Jerome Bertrand (social media), Andrei Lopez Savedra (tresuror) and Claudia Van Heist (secretary).