1997 – 2001
Acrylic on hi-art and wood
39 3/4″ x 31 1/2″

AD VIAM AESHMA DEVA II - by jean pronovost

In this imaginative and mystical sepia-toned painting, we find ourselves standing at the foot of Uxmal, an ancient Mayan city and the archeological site called Pirámide del adivino (Pyramid of the Magician). The monochromatic colouring creates the feeling of an old photograph. The heavy use of shadow near the bottom naturally guides the eye upwards to the temple, where there is a magical light surrounding it. The overall sense here is of awe and reverence; this is a profoundly sacred place.

This magnificent temple is round in shape and in Puuc style, meaning it is rather plain on the lower parts and very ornate at higher levels. The sides of the pyramid were once likely to have been adorned with different colored stucco, each color representing a direction. Along the walkway of bricks to the temple, we find a familiar figure – The Lord and Lady of Duality. It feels like she’s always been here, but in fact, it is the painter’s wildest imagination that has transported her to this place. As a symbol of duality in our world – life and death, light and dark, male and female – she perfectly fits in this ancient place where the mythology of the Mayan people highlights and celebrates these aspects of our universe.

The trees found throughout the painting create a unique environment because they are from different regions: some come from the archeological site and others from farther away. Using different types of trees allows for a variety of textures to contrast the stone and sky, and they contribute to the solemn mood of this fantastical piece.

figurative painter montreal
AD VIAM AESHMA DEVA II - (1997 - 2001)


Sculptor, Muralist, painter, artist and airbrush specialist.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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