The Sphinx

Journey into the universe of visionary artist Jean Pronovost, creator of highly demanding works of protest, in which symbolism and mythology play a major role. Discover his most accomplished artwork, The Sphinx, which bridges time to challenge human identity.

Le Sphinx

French version of the short film The Sphinx.

Art of Imagination exposition à Cusco, Pérou.

The Canadian Society for Art of Imagination is proud to present you a slideshow of the exhibition that we organized in Cusco, Peru, with the fine art school of Cuzco(ESABAC), in June 2014. An initiative of Jean Pronovost, President, and Andrei Saavedra Lopez Treasurer of the CSAOI.

Vernissage Canadian Society for Art of Imagination exposition à Montréal

Canadian Society for Art of imagination- Grand ouverture à Montreal.
le 7 Octobre 2015 à l'écomusée du Fier Monde

Jean Pronovost artiste visionnaire

Discover the outstanding artist Jean Pronovost who inspired by mythology and ancient civilizations.
Music : Movement V by VANGELIS, album Mythodea - 2001
Editing : Syl DisjonkExcerpt from : MYTHOLOGY URBAINE by MARTIN MCKAY - 2007
ART EXPRESS TV show on Mountain Lake PBS - 20092013

Jean Pronovost MATV, Montréalité

Montréalité, a talk show broadcast by MATV, invite the artist Jean Pronovost to talk about his latest sculpture; The Sphinx. They also discuss about Creativity, Art and Culture.

Jean Pronovost ART EXPRESS, PBS

PBS ART EXPRESS dedicate a TV SHOW on the artsist Jean Pronovost.

RADIO CANADA, Exposition Monstra 2013

Monstra collective art exhibition, halloween 2013. (in french)